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RECO Information Guide

The RECO Information Guide (guide) contains information that prospective clients and self-represented parties should be aware of before entering an agreement for services with a brokerage or receiving any services or assistance from a real estate agent

Buying Tips

Most mortgages have the option to allow payments to be made on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

14 Important Facts You Need To Know Before Buying


The listing price is a key component of the valuation and sale of a property in the marketplace. The closer the list price to market value, the more likely that a higher sale price will be realized within a reasonable period of time

Is a Renovation Worth the Return on Investment?

One of your objectives as a homebuyer – and ultimately, a home seller – is to achieve the highest return on investment. A hot property value boils down to a number of factors, such as location, proximity to public transit, the local and greater economy

4 Reasons Staging Your Home Makes a Difference

We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions usually impact our decision-making, whether we care to admit it or not.
Therefore, a well-staged home typically has a better chance of selling at a higher price than one that hasn’t been staged

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster?

For most home sellers, the goal is to sell their home for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time. Two ways to achieve this is with the right asking price, and by staging the property. So, do staged homes really sell faster, and for a higher price? The short answer is yes, and here’s why.