Adding Rent or Buy Condo info

This is your Dashboard.  The left side is your navigation.  Mouse over “Condo Entries” and click “All Condo Entries”.  From the Condo Entries page click the “Add New” button.

1. add title
2. add description
3.  add your category (Condo Fields), notice you can create new categories.  If you select “On Hold” the entry will not show on your page
4. Add the .pdf file

After you select your PDF file wait to see the file update (see in the image below).  You will see “No title” until the file is fully uploaded.  Once the real title of the file is shown, it’s uploaded.  The image below shows the real name “Rentals”.
Now you need to click “Edit” to rename the link.

1. rename the file to include “Download pdf-name-here PDF”
2. close the tab

1. add your Featured Image (select and existing or upload a new one)
2. Publish