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Why Choose Us?

Sellers – Based on our research and expertise of current market conditions, we will help you
price and prepare your property to achieve maximum return.


Buyers – We will look to help you find the property that fits your wants and/or needs and explain all your options in achieving them. We will help you avoid overpaying by strategically negotiating the purchase price and conditions to protect you. Unexpected issues can almost be a given and we will be there to help you connect with the right contractor or inspection to help make an informed decision.

How We Stand Out

Your Best Interest – We do this by listening to understand what your wants/needs are and then acting in your best interest. We will share our knowledge and experiences with you but we also understand we have our limitations and will provide a list of experts such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, contractors and inspectors to help you make informed decisions.


Real Estate – It can be an emotional, anxiety driven, daunting experience. We are here as a sounding board to help navigate those stressful feelings.


Success – Our success is not only measured by a successful completion of the transaction but by the individual attention that we provide to you.


Your Next Step – Give one of us a call, text, email or fill out this form provided. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work for you to achieve your real estate goals.

5 Market Ready Tips

Staging your home is an important part of the selling process. Here are my five top tips for getting your home market ready.

Add some plants. Freshen up your space with live, thriving plants. They can do wonders to make your home feel more inviting. Do not crowd any area. Have them dispersed throughout your space.

Depersonalize. Buyers want to picture themselves in that space, and your family portraits can make it hard for them to imagine that they may have sentimental value to you, but not to potential buyers. Remove these items and replace with more generic artwork.

Clean, clean. Clean. So if you’ve been to open houses or viewed homes, you definitely know the cleaner homes are going to be in the top of your list. You can’t stage every room in your home, but you can clean it after the house is clean. Adding a fresh coat of paint can really help.

Let there be light. You want your home to be bright and inviting, and lighting definitely plays an essential role. Turn on all the lights. Bring in a lamp, let your home shine. Open your curtains and blinds and let the natural light flow in.

Decluttering is something you can do without having to hire a stager. It opens your home and makes it feel more spacious. On the flip side, an overcrowded home can be distracting. There’s no room for buyers to imagine. All they see is a shortage of storage space. Have three piles donate junk and sell. You may even make some extra money.

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